The Changing Workforce Is One of the Emerging Trends in Organizational Behavior. Describe How the Workforce Is Changing and Briefly Identify Two Consequences of These Changes for Organizations.

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The basic of organizational behavior (OB) is how individual behave in an organization related to its work settings (McShane, Olekalns and Travaglione, 2013). In a shifting business environment, managing of workforce has been of huge concerned and OB has offered contributions in managing workforce over the years. Globally workforce is changing rapidly for reasons such as the labour force is growing older, workforce are becoming diverse, changers in workers attitudes and labour shortages (Weick and Quinn, 1999).
As stated above one of the main causes of the changing workforce is the ageing population. As baby boomers are getting older and starting to retire, it is important that employers understand the needs and motivation of the younger
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“Diversity is defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating differences among people relating to age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practice, and public assistance status” (Esty, et al., 1995). Managing diversity is one of the most important organizational challenges that a manager must take into consideration. Diversity in the workforce is also one of the reasons to the changing demographics in the workforce. Some of examples of the demographic changes are organizational restructuring, equal opportunity legislation and more and more women joining the workforce (Pless and Maak, 2004). Demographic changes oblige the organizations to evaluate their management practices and build up fresh and innovative approach in managing their employees. Managers need to update their knowledge and managerial skills for a multicultural working environment (Jimeno, 2004).

The change in workforce is also due to changing marital and living arrangements, especially with parents having difficulties to access childcare services or desires to work closer to their home or even at home. Thus, employers may need to find solutions for these possible options in order to retain or recruit new workers (Shellenbarger, 1997).
To sum up it is important to know that in our fast growing world, businesses need to constantly adapt to the ever changing workforce. Same as the


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