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INFA640 Research Paper Two.

SCENARIO ONE: 1. Alice, a high net worth customer, she banks online at Super Secure Bank (SSB) and has agreed to use 3DES in communicating with SSB. 2. One day, Alice received a statement that shows a debit of $1,000,000 from her account. On inquiring, she was told that the bank manager,Bob, transferred the money out of Alice's account and into an account of his own in an offshore bank. 3. When reached via email in the Cayman Islands, Bob produced a message from Alice, properly encrypted with the agreed upon 3DES keys, saying: "Thanks for your many years of fine service, Bob. Please transfer $1,000,000 from my account to yours as a token of my esteem and appreciation. Signed, Alice." 4. Alice filed suit
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Frank has responded by claiming that all procedures were followed properly and that Alice is filing a nuisance suit. You have been employed by MST as a cryptographic expert to assist in the investigation of this matter. You obtain Frank?s private key from the MST server, and the cipher text c, and calculate: Your report to the MST Board of Directors should address the following issues:

l What can be determined from the facts as presented about whether Alice intended to make Frank a gift of $1,000,000?

l Assuming MST wishes to continue using RSA as its cryptographic system, what MST and Alice could have done to protect against this controversy arising?

Your report should clearly address these issues, with sufficient detail and background to allow the Board of Directors to understand the issues involved and formulate plans for how to approach the immediate issue with Alice, and to continue business in the future, assuming that they want to continue using only RSA.

REPORT FORMAT: Page 1. Title page with abstract and authenticity statement (that this is your very own work). Pages 2-3. Scenario One Pages 4-5. Scenario Two Page 6. References and a short (up to ten lines) of your biography Use single space and arial font #11, with an all around border of 1 inch, and in PDF format. File name format: Student number in two digits, followed by last


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