Work Life Balance

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This assignment was made to explain and find the truth about the concept of work life balance which is meaningful for the worker. As many researcher and people arguing about this concept, The author comes to the decision which is disagree that work life balance is important for the worker. As a concept, the work life balance can be said has a great effect for the worker, but in real life work life balance was difficult to maintain. Not all worker can contribute their time only for working without having their socializing, and leisure. What more important nowadays is their health/ life. Life was more important than the work. Their life will always bigger than their work, trying to balance them is a failure method no
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Work life balance has become the foremost issue in the workplace especially in a society packed full with differing responsibilities and commitment (Revathy, B., & Geetha, C,2013) .
Researchers Jeffrey Greenhaus and Gary Powell expand on this concept and recommend that work and personal life should be allies and that participation in multiple roles, such as parent, partner, friend, employee, can actually enhance physical and psychological well-being — especially when all of the roles are high quality and managed together. (Riondan,2013).Downshifting was done primarily to achieve a better work life balance. Most people don’t want to be an office rat with long commute hours for most of their lives, they want a balance, healthy life that supported by their work, not over run. (Drake,2000). Work life balance could be describe in two different ways, either it could be achieved in a long term period or short term period, which one was the correct one was not that important. What we needed to know was the consequences of the work life balance that we took ( Priandoyo, A. 2013). As Joel puts it, “life is a stool” that has three legs – personal, community, and work – and you need all three to be equally strong in order to have a fulfilling life (Joel,2013).work life balance was impossible to achieve, we can’t really separate the 24/3 for work, socializing and sleep (Gimbel,2012). According to Anderson,” I don`t do it all. No one can. For years I battled the guilt of


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