The Intouchables

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The Intouchables The movie “The Intouchables” (first released on November 2, 2011 in Belgium and directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano) is the factual story of an unconventional relationship between a millionaire quadriplegic from the ritziest neighborhood in Paris and his Senegalese caregiver from the ghetto—a bond that begins as a working one but builds, through trust and care and shared experiences, into a lasting friendship that changes two unhappy lives forever.
In Paris, the upper-class and academic Philippe (François Cluzet) is a quadriplegic millionaire that is interviewing candidates for the position of his caretaker. Out of the blue, Driss (Omar Sy) cuts the line of candidates and brings a document from the Social
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This movie shows you that friendship transcend any hurdles and if we get to know someone we may actually like him.
I may be naïve, but I wish all life ended just like it does in the movies. I know it doesn’t. But that won’t stop me from dreaming and enjoying the fantasy
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