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I have read and analyze the current policies and procedures of Coffeeville on work health and safety. I compared them with WHS acts, regulations and codes of practice and developed WHS guidelines for following areas. These guidelines will help employer to control the workplace risks.
These guidelines will not only improve safety outcomes but will also support employer in demonstrating that they are meeting obligations under Work Health and Safety laws.

WHS criteria
WHS Guidelines for respective areas
1. Organizational commitment to locate, adapt, adopt and communicate work health and safety policies in order to be compliant with WHS legislation

Store managers and senior leadership have to be committed to ensure WHS
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6. The process for identifying hazards across the organization including the stages of hazard identification and procedures used to ensure new proposed changes do not create any new hazards
To identify hazards the following procedures are recommended:
(i) Talk with workers (including contractors) who are or will be performing any tasks to identify all potential hazards and the best ways to eliminate or reduce risk as workers have encountered hazards near misses they as part of their work. We can ask workers to participate in surveys and questionnaire can be given to them to find out more about workplace hazards.
(ii) Past incidents/accidents have to be examined to find out what was wrong, why that has happened and whether the incident/accident could occur again.
(iii) All faulty appliances are to be reported to relevant sections of company so that they can be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Proper training should be provided prior of using any machinery or power tools. All faulty machinery is tagged with faulty or do not use signs.
(iv) Regular inspections or checks of workplaces are necessary to eradicate hazards and minimize risks. Regular assessment leads to new ideas of making workplace safer for staff. Brainstorming is required before implementing any new policies or any other changes to avoid any new hazards and before implementing on new policies a trial run is necessary.
7. The process of analyzing risks and ranking them and control procedures to


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