Review of Maybe Tomorrow

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The book ‘’Maybe Tomorrow’’ tells the story of Boori Monty Pryor. It describes the career path and life story of an Aboriginal in Australia. From being a model to eventually becoming a writer or like it is called in the aboriginal cultural, a storyteller. The book is not a typical biography, because it has been written as a one-way conversation between Boori and the reader. Personally I find this somewhat confusing; jumping from one topic to the other does not feel comfortable to read. What it definitely does deliver on is giving a better understanding about the aboriginal culture, the difficulties they face from white Australians in this country and how every person in this culture needs to adapt to the way of the ‘white men’. There are …show more content…

But this mind-set is wrong and it will not make your life easier in any way. No matter how you act, you are still a black person. You will always have physical features that are part of the black race, it does not change if you straighten your hair or bleach you skin. At first sight a stranger will always link you as a black person. ‘You’ve got to try and play the whiteman’s game and stay black while you’re doing it’, stated in the book by Boori’s bother. I definitely do not agree with this statement. A lot of black people all over the world have this mind-set, including Boori. What I do not agree with this statement is it implies that a black person have to talk, walk and life a certain way that is normal in the black community. If you talk, walk or life a certain way that is not common in this community, you are labelled as someone that does not accept their heritage. Or is in denial of their ‘blackness’. This is one of the many examples of how black people in this world have been affected by discrimination, changing your mind-set to a certain way that you think you are not worth to be educated or not be able to dream of having a better life for yourself and your family.
What I find very ironic is that Boori says in the book that the only way he survive the troubles he faced in his life is by playing basketball, performing as a DJ and


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