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Introduction In the expansion of Acme Home Improvements to Mexico City, an information system management plan needs to be established in order to oversee employment and management, as well as meet the needs of Acme’s stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors. The plan has a goal of improving aspects such as sales and marketing, budgeting, planning, hiring and training all while using technology to assist in the assignment of roles, and to discover correlations between profits, performance, and competitors.
System Objectives & Information Requirements of Stakeholders The goals and scope of the Information Systems plan is to identify how the plan will help each stakeholder group obtain the
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This includes background information of all the products, as well as information regarding the plans of competitors. Operations Management is defined as “managing the process of converting resources into actual goods and services” (Baltzan, 2011). This involves a strong focus on handling and overseeing manufacturing and production. Acme Mexico City’s information system will assist in managing operations involving in-store employees as well as upper management. An Information system is a requirement of operations management, because it provides the organization of the information regarding all employees, future employees, sales, products etc. Without a systems help to oversee the management of an entire operation, it would be extremely difficult to identify trends, performance, and factors that help to improve business and let the corporation run smoothly (Baltzan, 2011). Sales refers to the actual action of selling the product you are advertising, or the service that the store is offering (Baltzan, 2011). The sales department has a strong correlation to marketing and operations, as inventory, demand and ordering of the products depends on the demand from the customers (Baltzan, 2011). Information system requirements in terms of sales can help to complete a function called sale forecasting. The information system can help to predict the estimation of sales over a given


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