Managing Work Life Balance

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The current economic situation has been blamed for causing income loss, extended working hours and intense stress in workplaces all over the world. Due to this today people are being challenged to strike a balance between work life and family life. People are overwhelmed by the demanding careers, demanding families, a slow economy and so on. This has left people with little time for what they need and want to do.

Motivation refers to the desire, effort and passion to achieve something (Paul, Hoang, 2007). In business terms it is often referred to as the willingness to complete a task or job with enthusiasm. There are different motivators for every person. Some people are motivated by fears. Others are motivated by rewards. Many
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Commitment has in turn been linked to financial performance, one international study finding that companies with committed employees provide an average return to shareholders of 112 per cent over three years, compared to 90 per cent for companies with average commitment (Clutterbuck, David, 2003).

Work and life balance can be defined as the ability to make choices that fulfills one's purpose over the course of time (Ronald, Claiborne, 2009). Work-life balance does not involve counting the amount of time an employee spends on working vs. s/he spends not-working. It involves understanding how the time was spend in working and relaxing. Work life balance can help in managing stress in people’s lives as it will help them in managing their time and setting their priorities right.

It is often observed that people are more successful if they are given flexibility so that they can meet the demand of their workplace and can also achieve their personal goals which are outside the workplace. Employers can create a flexible working environment where people can work effectively so that they can respond to the needs of the business without sacrificing their personal priorities in life.

In order to strike a work life balance there are some things that can prove to be effective like offering employees longer


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