Analysis of the Mad Men opening Title Sequence

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Analysis of Mad Men Title Sequence

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Abstract This analysis will cover the middle scene in the Mad Men opening title sequence. This will be addressing the principles and elements of design and their impact on the viewing experience of this segment of title sequence. This scene is an illustration of a man free-falling from a skyscraper, down the side of a building. Further detail will be addressed later. Three elements of design will be discussed: line, color, and shape. All are designed to show continuity and free-flowing movement through change. The principles balance, harmony, and rhythm of design will be discussed through the
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The buildings show 3 dimensional from through their overlapping edges and gradual succession.
Design Principles Balance is the first design principle that comes to mind after one’s initial glance at this scene. The asymmetrical layout of all the buildings creates equal visual weight through the layout of similar objects in a dissimilar way. The buildings are all symmetrical in their own way, all being geometric shapes, just different sizes, they create balance on their own. When placed in the scene along side each other, the symmetrical objects become asymmetrical giving the entirety of the scene balance. There is an informal diagonal axis created by the view point of the buildings given to us by the designers. The building of emphasis is the third in from the left. The other three buildings shown have been left relatively out a focus so the eye is drawn to the main building, which the man is falling directly in front of. The balance of these consistent lines in the buildings and their windows brings emphasis to the falling man outside the main skyscraper in his vertical movement. The second principle addressed is rhythm. Rhythm is used to enhance the viewers experience and draw the eye to the point of emphasis, which is the falling man. The rhythm through repetition is brought upon by the continuous use of the same geometric shapes of the buildings and


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