How to Balance Penn Foster Studies with Work and Family Demands

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How to balance Penn Foster studies with work and family demands

The biggest challenge for many of us is how to balance our studies, work and family demands. While we want happy fulfilling lives outside of family, work and school, we have to make personal sacrifices in order to be successful in life. Since time is precious, keeping a balance between three worlds can be a challenge. Fortunately, with proper planning, balance is possible. Every day, I have to make choices and manage my time incredibly well in order to be able to balance my online studies, my work and family demands. In my opinion family demands, work and studies balance are a process, not a static achievement. So, it is important to make the decisions selecting careers
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I couldn’t balance the time with studies, work and family, it was overwhelming for me. Attending college classes in campus can be challenging specially for young parents, because after having a long day and being tired with taking care of the baby and housework, there are times that you don’t even want to go to class. It also saves money not to spend on gas or books. Instead of taking your studies online at your own time would be so much better, to concentrate on your studies, work and spending more family time. Balancing the time to spend with your family can also be hard. I plan and also try to have dinners as much as I can with my husband and son but sometimes our work schedule is not the same and we can’t make it to dinner at the same time. That is perfectly alright, things like this happen sometimes. When it comes on going out and having a good time with my family I picked out a day of the week and told my self that on Sunday there is not going to be any studying or work. I plan to study a day ahead so I can have time off with my family and enjoy it. I’m very happy I do that because just by thinking of having a day off you feel good and feeling like you just left behind the stress of the past week. Compartmentalizing is something I do constantly. Figuring out how long to spend doing each thing is a task itself. If I don’t do that correctly,


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