Skills for Workplace

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Important skills for the workplace today
Nguyen Dang Dinh Van
Kaplan University

Dip FM 1888. Class 18B
Ms. Deepa Pillai
September 30, 2010

Important skills for the workplace today

Nowadays, workers are being requested getting more and more challenges and difficulties in every aspects of working environments. Employers are looking to people who have special skills which can apply directly to many different tasks. Therefore, people have been competed to figure out and practice their personal skills since they are still in the college. There are many important skills for the workplace but I would to say that not all skills are useful for different kinds of jobs. So, they need to understand what
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Even sometimes, if a person has totally wrong ideas, they can dissemble their ideas to follow right ideas from others or not, that depends on how good adaptation skills they have. For all these examples, students can see that adaptation skills are very complicated. So they should be developing skills since they are in the college to get employer attentions in the future. I have discussed about communication and adaptation skills. Now, I want to go on to leadership skills which are required whether it is for leading a company, family, or nation (Michael.F,2005, p.105). That’s very important to have a leader in any kind of organizations. People have leadership skills are people who will make the final decisions in their groups and companies. They will be the first one who get any new kind of information and convey them to other partners. They need to divide jobs to others and after that get the results and combine them... They must have power in what they say and persuade others to listen to them. For example, in a group doing a project, leader will be the person who links each member idea to others to become a completed part. He needs to divide project to different parts reasonably. Finally, he will combine all different parts from others to make a complete


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