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ABSTRACT Rita’s successful business requires an update in order to continue providing the services that her employees and clients have become accustomed to. Rita has expressed concerns about the recent decrease in download speeds, storage capacity, and general efficiency of the computers that she uses to produce the CDs and DVDs that she distributes to the health clubs and instructors that she serves. This client has requested recommendations for a system that will allow her to: 1. search for and download various media files online to edit, store, and share, 2. create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and calendars, 3. print documents and high quality CD labels, 4. utilize online services like banking, email, and calendars, and 5. …show more content…
Additional hardware is not required but future additions (like a microphone or MIDI keyboard) are provided for. | Ports (Front) | USBHeadphone | Permits client to access USB devices (like an MP3 player and/or digital video camera) with ease. These ports are primarily an accessibility and convenience feature. | Storage: Internal | 1TB Hard Drive | Plenty of memory for large audio and video files will keep the system from slowing down without sacrificing storage. |

Application Software Table | Product Name | Product Type | Need Met | Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business Suite | Word processing, spreadsheet, calendar, email, and presentation software | Client can use this software to build presentations, create documents and spreadsheets, and develop calendars for scheduling of classes. She can also use the Outlook calendar to keep track of her own scheduled appointments, and transfer contacts and calendar data to a PDA or smartphone for mobile use. This suite allows documents to be saved in multiple formats, including PDF. | iTunes3 | Media player and file organization application | Client can find, download, and burn music to discs or save to a hard drive using this program; also serves as a media organizer (library). | Windows Media Player 123 | Media player and file organization application | Client can use this application to listen to music and watch videos purchased and/or downloaded from external


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