How Effectively Performance Appraisal Meets the Needs of the Employer and the Employee

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With reference to different types of performance appraisal, discuss how effectively performance appraisal meets the needs of the employer and the employee.

“Performance appraisal” is a discrete, formal, organizationally sanctioned event, usually not occurring more frequently than once or twice a year, which has clearly stated performance dimensions and/or criteria that are used in the evaluation process. Furthermore, it is an evaluation process, in that quantitative scores are often assigned, based on the judged level of the employee‟s job performance on the dimensions or criteria used, and the scores are shared with the employee being evaluated. (Angelo S. DeNisi and Robert D. Pritchard, 2006)
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Generally, this method of performance appraisal has positive consequences for both employers and employees. With its help, the potential of each organization’s worker is used on maximum level.The work with the staff becomes on solid systematical framework and eventually promotes the success of the company.
Another type of performance appraisal is Graphic Rating Scale Form. The graphic rating scale form is a performance appraisal checklist on which a manager simply rates performance on a continuum such as excellent, good, average, fair, and poor (Foot & Hook, 2002). This assessment is one of the most popular, because of its simplicity in using. Typical graphic scale includes qualitative and quantative features (criteria). Each of criterion corresponds to the level of duties execution (from “poor” to “excellent”). Worker’s rating of particular criteria is expressed in certain numerical values, that are specified in the rating scale. Afterwards, all this values are summed and the level of professional performance is determined.
There are some examples of criteria:
1. Quality - accuracy, thoroughness and acceptability of the work performed;
2. Productivity - the amount and effectiveness of the work that is done in a certain period of time;
3. Knowledge of work - the skills and knowledge and


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