Tribal Leadership Analysis

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Tribal Leadership Analysis

Webster University Abstract
Leadership is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as the “action of leading a group of people or an organization.” Leadership is also the ability to set trends, inspire, motivate, and sway others to produce desired results. There are different styles and ways of performing leadership and a good leader has the ability to take ordinary people, put them all together, and hopefully yield successful results. For organizations to have sustained results from their performance there must be a good balance of business insight, technical and interpersonal skills, and good team dynamics. A leader must know how to use all these areas as well as trust and communicate with their people in
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“Tribal leaders set the standard of performance in their industries, from productivity and profitability to employee retention. This concept is the first that is similar to Dubrin thoughts on leadership. According to Dubrin, leadership is “the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals” (Dubrin, 2013) Tribal leaders are talent magnets, with people so eager to work for the leader that they will take a pay cut if necessary.” (Logan, Dave; King, John; Fischer-Wright, Halee, 2011) This concept is also similar to Dubrin’s studies on charismatic and transformational leaders. “Charismatic leaders use impression management to deliberately cultivate a certain relationship with group members. In other words, they take steps to create a favorable, successful impression, recognizing that the perceptions of constituents determine whether they function as charismatic leaders.” (DuBrin, 2013) This style of leadership can enhance a work area by setting a positive tone or environment. Charismatic leaders are good at getting people to want to do things. Almost like a motivational speaker, they are good at "pumping up" and audience. This can help out an organization. A key dimension of charismatic leadership involves a relationship or interaction between the leader and the followers or with the tribal leader to its tribes.


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