Mgmt 330 Midterm Exam

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Question 1 ______________ involves assembling and coordinating organizational resources. a) Controlling b) Planning c) Organizing d) Leading e) Quantifying Question 2 Goodwill stemming from social relationships is called a) social empathy. b) social capital. c) emotional intelligence. d) emotional capital. e) empathetic goodwill. Question 3 Lower-level managers who supervise the operational activities of the organization are called a) frontline managers. b) middle managers. c) top-level managers. d) tactical managers. e) strategic managers. Question 4 The President of Delta Design, LLC attended the opening ceremony for a customer's new office complex. Which of Mintzberg's roles was the President playing in this situation? a) Leader b) …show more content…

d) policy formulation. e) risk. Question 21 Tactics that are used to make decisions quickly while maintaining the high quality of such decisions include a) taking a realistic view of the conflict. b) involving people in the decision who are experts and can be trusted. c) focusing on real-time information. d) involving people more effectively and efficiently. e) doing all of the above. Question 22 The internal analysis component of the strategic management process assesses the organization's a) performance levels. b) competitors. c) industry growth rate. d) product substitutions in the market. e) political environment.

Question 23 Which of the following statements about goal and plan selection is most true? a) Goal and plan selection relies exclusively on experienced judgment. b) Experienced judgment always plays an important role in goal and plan selection. Competitors' internal plans play an important role in goal and plan selection.

c) Facts have no role in goal and plan selection. d)

e) A good goal and plan selection can be used in every circumstance. Question 24 Strategic goals are a) major targets or end results that relate to the long-term survival, value, and growth of the organization.

b) focused solely on effectiveness. c) focused solely on efficiency. d) focused on the short-term. e) developed by operational managers. Question 25 Strategic goals evolve from an organization's a) suppliers. b) customers. c) tactical plans. d) mission and vision. e)