Flat World of Education School Practices

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In this paper the five schools’ practices as listed in The Flat World of Education are identified and prioritized according to the needs of the my school. The practices are defined in relation to their proven successes and related to my school’s immediate concerns. Solutions to each need are provided along with practical steps toward their implementations. Though each area is listed as a separate practice, they overlap one another and share the underlying need of smaller class sizes and high expectations on curriculum, assessments and professionalism.

Darling-Hammond's Five Schools' Practices for Success as listed in The Flat World and Education In her book The Flat World and Education, Linda Darlington-Hammond discusses
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We utilize MAP testing three times a year to measure the need of all of our students. We organize small-group instruction according to the data and all teaching staff work on the specific math strands with their assigned group at the end of the day. Our first grade teachers saw the need for SRA when we had to move to a lower socio-economic neighborhood for two years. We closed the reading gap and continue reaping success through both programs.
Our expectations on all of our students remain high, and research shows we can get students back on track by supplying them with rigorous coursework combined with knowledge application through real-world projects, internships and community involvement (Darling-Hammond, 2010, p. 250). I see a need for more real-world, inquiry-based learning in my school. We are doing all of the right things to achieve high test scores, but I see us dropping the ball in applying the knowledge. I think we drive students too hard with the tests instead of allowing them the opportunities to enjoy the quest for knowledge and satisfaction in solving problems.
My solution has been to focus my technology lesson on science standards. I use projects to teach a variety of skills ranging from researching current knowledge through the Google Wonder Wheel to arranging data using the artful eye to appeal to its reader. I send


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