Knowledge, Understanding and Skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Ict and Their Impact on My Practice

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UNIT 303
How my knowledge, understanding and skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT impacts on my practice.

In this assignment, I am going to describe how my knowledge and understanding and skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT help and impacts on my teaching assistant role at my school.

All teachers and their assistants are required to have the literacy, numeracy and ICT knowledge, understanding and personal skills. This will equip us to develop inclusive approaches to addressing the literacy, numeracy and ICT needs of our pupils.

I believe I know how to find information from books and know how to use the Internet efficiently to provide me with a good background idea. I often take notes to help me be ahead of the lesson or to
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Also I can use email, which I often use in communicating with teacher or currently my tutors.
I understand about health and safety related to using computers not just thinking about unsafe cables but also computer ergonomics and e safety.
I am not necessarily always aware of how the programmes the children use work, but on this level it is all quite self-explanatory or if I’m unsure I ask our ICT lady and she is always happy to brief me before the session. I believe I am able to solve problems related to I.C.T to a certain extent. I am confident with printing documents although am cautious when determining the number being printed. Also I am confident with straight forward photocopying and getting more practice with more complex photocopying features like enlarging or manipulating the image.

Every so often I come across the situation in the classroom where I need to ask or be advised about how to resolve the issue or find out the answer from the teacher or other staff. That is a proof of my need to improve and learn every day because I as long as there are questions that need answering, my learning does not stop yet. I would like to extend and put in better use the correct mathematical vocabulary and try to use various prompts to encourage mathematical skills in our pupils. I would also like to become more familiar with wide variety of techniques in problem solving exercises.


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