unit 332

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Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 Diploma
Unit 332 – Engage in personal development in health, social care in children`s and young people`s settings

Outcome 1
1.1 At present employed at Cheam Park Farm Junior School in Year 5 as per the job description (see attachment 1) I have a range of duties such as enabling access to learning pupils and to assist the teacher in the management of pupils and the classroom. Supervising and providing particular support for pupils and ensuring their safety and access to learning activities but also challenging children to make them work to the best of their ability. Supervising children at playtime and making sure there playing safely individually and in groups. Setting out
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2.3 There are four main influences that may affect our working practise; institutional the work place and what the school stands for and how to promote and reinforce the ethos. Professional the things that each individual believes and putting them into practise, which comes from their professional background. National and Regional beliefs which are what individuals and groups believe and stand for because of their background. Personal values are views and opinions which have influenced us by parents, teachers, media, politicians, friends, colleagues and personal life experiences. An important part of personal and professional development is to be aware of differences and how to respond to them, we must be open minded, if you fail to do this is may interfere with the standard of the codes and practises for working in the children’s environment. We must treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves and that their values and beliefs are important and although they may be different to your own, this is what gives us our own individual personalities.

Outcome 3
3.1 My job description and the level 3 standards are based around my performance, knowledge and understanding of Supporting Teaching


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