Nvq Health and Socail Care Level 3 Assignment204 a

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Physical Abuse
What is physical abuse?
Physical abuse is any abuse involving the use of force, this can be:
Punching, hitting, slapping, pinching, kicking, in fact any form of physical attack
Burning or scalding
Restraint such as tying up or tying people to beds or furniture
Refusal to allow access to toilet facilities
Deliberate starvation or force feeding
Leaving the individuals in wet or soiled clothing or bedding as a deliberate act to demonstrate power and strength of the abuser
Excessive or inappropriate use of medication
A carer causing illness or injury to someone he or she cares for in order to gain attention

Signs and symptoms associated with Physical abuse
Pepper pot bruising-small bruises, usually on
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What is Self-Neglect?
Many people neglect themselves when they are ill or depressed and unable to make the effort or some people neglect themselves as they feel incapable of looking after themselves. Working out when someone is neglecting themselves can be very difficult. Self-neglect can show in many of ways:
Lack of personal hygiene
Lack of care about appearance and clothing
Failure to eat, or to buy food
Failure to maintain a clean living environment
Not bothering or refusing to obtain medical help
Unwillingness to accept any support with daily living
Unwillingness to see people or to go out.

Signs and symptoms associated with Self neglect
Sleeping problems.
Change in eating habits.
No longer laughing or joking.
Feeling depressed or hopeless.

Neglect by others
What is Neglect by Others?
This occurs when either a care worker or an informal carer fails to meet the care needs of a person. Neglect can happen because those responsible for providing the care do not realise its importance, or because they cannot be bothered, or choose not, to provide it. As the result of neglect, individuals can become ill, hungry, cold, dirty, injured or deprived of their rights. Neglecting someone you are supposed to be caring for can mean failing to undertake a range of care services, for example:
Not providing adequate food
Not providing assistance with eating food if necessary
Not ensuring that the individual is adequately clothed