Two Papers For Midterm

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Xiaoqiang Ma
Professor Meir Lubetski
English CMP 2800
Jun 21st 2015
Essay question A. Sinuhe tells about the life of an immigrant in a foreign country. Discuss a few of the hardships of Sinuhe as an immigrant. Does it resemble the experiences of a modern immigrant? American Dream In Old And Modern Times The problems of immigrants have been existing for centuries. Looking back, the oldest story that readers could find about immigrants is the tale of Sinuhe. It speaks strongly to our world today, where is full of exile, cultural conflict and displacement. As we discussed earlier this semester, when fleeing to Syria, Sinuhe, as an educated and successful immigrant, has been through many hardships and because of these
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One of the reasons causing the happening of immigration is to pursue better economic and political status in host country. However, bacause all sorts of barriers in front of immigrants and glass ceilings above them, they could barely enjoy the benefits from their host country and be treated equally. Therefore, although the government tries to use their political power to reduce the hardship, there are limited possibilities that immigrants would fulfill their expectations. Until these days, thousands of immigrants come to this country with indefinite passion and dreams. However, problems about immigration have not been completely solved. The tragedy of
Sinuhe does not only stay in the history. Because history would repeat itself. That makes me wonder: Generation after generation, does the American Dream still exist? Could these problems be truly solved? I am not aware of the answer, but I hope that people would keep these questions in mind and keep searching for the answers.

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Essay Question B. There are many aspects of the ancient and modern pyramids. What can we learn from them?
Past, Present and the Future of the Pyramids The pyramids, as the symbols of the most powerest and richest civilization in the


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