Unit CU1672 - Understand and meet the nutritional requirements of individuals with dementia

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Understand the nutritional needs that are unique to individuals with dementia

1.1 - Describe how cognitive functional and emotional changes associated with dementia can affect eating drinking and nutrition:

Cognitive: if cognitive ability is impaired a patient could forget to eat, or think they aren’t being fed at all as well as forgetting to drink etc, they may also leave cookers or other hot things on as they have forgotten they have put them on,

Functional: They may not be able to feed themselves properly or be able to drink. They may not be able to hold or lift cutlery properly.

Emotional: They may be too distressed to eat or drink may also forget that they need to eat or drink.

1.2 - Explain how poor nutrition can
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if they like fish on a Friday as part of their religion. It will also help with their memories and over all well-being.
As above we do assessments on each client to assess their needs and if equipment is needed we supply them with the things they need i.e large handled knives and forks, sip cups and plates with lips around the edge, we also assess if people need help with feeding if this is the case a worker is assigned to that client in the morning and the client isn’t rushed when eating, to avoid choking but also to give them dignity at all times.

Be able to support an individual with dementia to enjoy good nutrition

3.1 - Demonstrate how the knowledge of life history of an individual with dementia has been used to provide a diet that meets his/her preferences:
One of our clients on arrival was very under-weight and malnourished due to forgetfulness and confusion from the dementia. We did a life book and care plan with herself and the aid of her family members.
We then assessed her and found she needed help with feeding due to tremors and a lack of swallowing and she had also lost interest in food, but with some reminiscing therapy, we got her interested in food again, we started with very small plan meals building on this over time, the client is now a