What Constitutes a Profession?

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Haili Jiang
GE6 The Professions and Public Interest in American Life
Midterm paper 1
Instructor: Shyam
During normal usage, it seems that the terms “profession” and “occupation” are almost identical and are interchangeable. Generally they both define the work people do for a living. However, after delving into their meanings, one can easily notice that the word profession is a bit more advanced than occupation. In other words, there are peculiar criteria or characteristics that an occupation has to meet in order to qualify as a profession.
In this essay, I will apply three different markers to identify whether an occupation is a profession: 1. A profession needs extensive intellectual training and usually has some type of
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So consequently, business administrators, who are greatly involved in the trade process, benefit the society. Another aspect of the community orientation of business administration is that many business administration professionals strive to provide welfare to not only its employees but also the society as a whole. William H. McElwain, the owner and manager of a successful shoe factory in the beginning of 20th century, is a man who worked for nobler aims than mere accumulation of money. At the time when shoe making was a seasonal industry, he got rid of the irregularity in the employment of shoe workers by adopting an all-year round mode. Due to this method, the employees had been prevented from constant unemployment. Another example would Bill Gates, a great executive as well as a generous philanthropist. He created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and aimed to to improve healthcare and reduce poverty, and domestically to expand educational opportunities and access to technologies.
Now let’s shift to the occupation of photography, which is quite controversial. In my opinion, it is not a profession or can at most be considered a marginal profession because it does not meet the first two requirements I have given.
Firstly, photography should not be deemed as a profession because photographers do not need to go through an extensive intellectual training and


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