Resource File and Personal Theory Paper

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Resource File and Personal Theory Paper

Resource File and Personal Theory Paper Resource File “Psychotherapy is a process that focuses on helping you heal and learn more adaptive ways to deal with the problems or issues within your life. It can also be a supportive process when going through a difficult period or under increase stress such as starting a new career or going through a divorce. Generally psychotherapy is recommended when a person is struggling with a life, work or relationship issue or a mental health concern – and the issues or concerns are causing the individual a great deal of pain or upset for longer than a few days or
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Adler felt the meaning of each dream is special to the dreamer (Day, 2008). Adlerian therapists believe the style of life is developed by age six and remains constant throughout life. Adler claimed that because society and family construct the style of life, the development of personality moves to an overall goal, instead of rather than passing through distinct stages (Day, 2008). Individual psychology is based on a growth model, therefore the belief is that everyone has the power to change, but sometimes people might lack the courage to do so. Alder believed that psychological problems are a failure of courage to deal with life’s demands (Day, 2008).
Operant Conditioning was a theory developed by B.F Skinner. Skinner focused more on voluntary behavior and how new behavior is acquired. He basically looked at what happened before a behavior and what happens after a behavior. The before the behavior he called the antecedent and the after behavior he called the consequence. Skinner authored was what happens before someone behaved in order to see if he could influence the behavior. Some elements of an antecedent could be cues and cues provide a stimulus just before a behavior is supposed to occur. Consequences occur after the behavior and can influence future behavior- Skinner focused on reinforcements which strengthen behavior and he broke it down to positive reinforcements. Another type of


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