Feeding Desire

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“There’s a lot more to life than how fat or thin you are.”
Kirstie Alley

I remembering watching a talk show that Jessica Simpson had appeared on a few years ago. She had gained a few pounds and was discussing all the negative feedback she had been getting from the public. Because of this experience she started a reality show called “The Price of Beauty” where she travels around the globe and reveals what ideal beauty is in many different parts of the world. In one episode she go to Uganda and visits with a community that embraces larger women as their ideal model of beauty. As soon I saw the book “Feeding Desire” it reminded me of Jessica’s experience. Rebecca Popenoe is a social anthropologist. Her book, “Feeding Desire” details her
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As mentioned earlier the fattening process begins at the early age, therefore a family in which a girl grows should possess significant wealth and material resources to feed the girl since, traditionally Azawagh families are normally large. Therefore, excessive feeding of girls and women is directly reliant on on the social situation of the family. Poor families can hardly afford feeding girls and the “richer” family will have healthier outcomes, since girls that grow in rich family will evidently have better nutrition, and poor families wont be able to afford a proper fattening diet. For an Azawagh man having a large wife indicates that man is of wealth or at least has enough means to acquire a voluptuous woman, which in essence means he will me able to take and care for her and the family. This also indicates a somewhat happy or content life as it shows in the woman’s size. Being of a particular high status was not only admirable by those in the community but in turn it would also indicate and symbolize a type of class/cast in the community. These trademarks assist to enhance and secure future marriages. In such a context, the process of fattening has little in common with sexuality but again with what is desirable, what is appealing in life. Fattening is appealing to all in the Azawagh society, men, women, and role models for the younger girls and boys. Fattening can be described as a sort of status quo. Popenoe (2004:


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