Behavior Explanation

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Revised Behavior Explanations
Patricia Landeros
Psychology 100
TTh 11:00-12:15PM
April 7, 2011

1. Behavior Observation/Description (5pts)
One hot September day at around one o’clock, my boyfriend, Jonathan and I were strolling around the city of Downey, searching for a delicious place to have lunch. We then made the decision to grub at In n’ Out. As we walked down Firestone, I noticed an elderly man attempting to illegally cross the street. I was beginning to become concerned for him because the traffic was heavy, and I didn’t want him to get hurt. The man appeared to be about “5””4”, in his late 40’s, pale brown skin, and possibly weighed 150 lbs. He was dressed in semi blue jeans, forest green
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These are the moments every Latin girl awaits, for her fifteenth birthday. All I could do was imagine how amazing my Quinceanera would be. I pictured the perfect dress, beautiful shoes, extravagant jewelry, and dancing the nights away with my friends and family. Later that night, as I was helping my parents clean up after our visitors, my parents asked me, “Are you excited that you’re one year closer to turning fifteen years old?” Of course I was excited! I was looking forward to inviting all my new high school friends, and dancing the night away. It was all I dreamed about. The following day I could not stop talking about my Quinceanera at school. All my friends were going to turn fifteen around the same time I was, so we were all excited. We sat and discussed who would be invited, who would be apart of the dance court, what color dresses we preferred, what kind of themes seemed to be interesting, and which guy would be our escort. During break and lunch, that was all we seemed to have interest in talking about. I got home, and my parents said “ Can we talk?’’ It was then and there, that I had to face the first hardest decision of my life. As my parents spoke to me they asked, “ How would you like a new car for your birthday?” I thought I was dreaming, “a new car? Me? Wow!” And at that point my heart was racing from so much excitement. Just imagine showing up to school in a brand new car. Getting a car is a form of freedom and


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