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Business Environment

Business environment is all about the combination of internal and external factors that may influence a business’ ways of operating such as: clients, suppliers, its competitors... stakeholders decide to start a business for many reasons: to pursue an interest or a hobby, mainly: to be their own boss. In other terms, people think that being your own boss, mainly as a sole trader gives you many opportunities although there are drawbacks as well. They also have interest in business they want to be successful.
Range of businesses:

A business that operates overseas
A business that does not operate overseas
John Lewis
A business that has for
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However, being a public limited company, does not allow the original shareholders the total control of the business as every shareholder has a say in the business and it can’t be ignored. It is also costly to have shares quoted on the stock exchange. An example of a public limited company can be: sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda...

Private limited company: They tend to be smaller than public companies as shareholders are the friends or family of the owners. The must be at least two shareholders, but there is no minimum. All limited companies in the UK are registered at Company House. Like public limited companies, private companies (LTD) also have limited liability: the personal assets of the shareholders can’t be at risk if the business if failing. Unlike public companies, the business ‘owners statues can’t be affected by the shareholders, and the expanding could also be easier. However, the growth of the business may be limited as there could not be too many shareholders like in a public company and the shares can’t be sold or transferred to anyone else without the agreement of the other shareholders. An example of private company can be: virgin media,
Information taken in textbook, edexcel board, BTEC level 3, book 1, from page 4 to 9

For my task, I have chosen to discuss one of the biggest selling supermarkets in the UK: J Sainsbury PLC (public limited company) , which is a for-profit business; with aim of making a profit and a sole trader


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