Police Department: Proposal for Analytical Unit

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The City of Columbus Mississippi recognizes the need for a new analytical unit. This is a proposal that aims to develop this new analytical unit in an effort to support all levels of the Police Department, to include command personnel, supervisors, detectives, and patrol officers. law enforcement agencies in. This analytical unit will obtain and analyze as much information as possible in order to identify crime patterns, trends, offenders, and develop correlations, to improve short-term and long-term decision-making. Once this new analytical unit is in place and all key positions are filled, the pertinent information gathered and analyzed will aid in the prevention of crime and the catching of criminals.
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If an area appears to be unrepaired and unfriendly it can be a breeding ground for more crimes. The term “broken window” is a metaphor alluding to broken windows left unfixed leads to more crime. Here the role of the analytical unit is limited to evaluating the performance of the enforcement.
The fourth strategy I mentioned was hot spot policing. Hot spots policing which focuses on areas where there are larger amounts of crime and employ responses to those areas. Hot spots can be broken down further into three areas. They are dispersed hot spot, clustered hot spot and hot point. The analytical unit plays a greater role here because they determine these areas through analysis.
The fifth strategy I mentioned was Compstat. This is a program implemented by the New York Police City Department (NYPD) in 1994. Compstat takes the analysis of up-to-date computerized crime, arrest and “quality of life” data to produce statistics and maps. This information is used in meetings where people are held accountable for their crime prevention approaches. It is an attempt to synthesize an accountability structure and strategic problem solving.
The sixth, and final strategy I mentioned was problem-oriented policing (POP). This is an idea that police take a proactive role in identifying, understanding and responding to problems in their


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