Tough Guy Case Study

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Analysis Paper

This paper mainly addresses the differences between the interests, ideas and thinking of two people and between groups. Each individual experience conflict in his day to day life . This paper consists of investment banking career and issues faced by an employee from his superior. In an organization, it is very important to emphasize on the conflict management as conflicts in an organization have its own pros and cons The paper explains root causes for the issues and criteria for finding the solution for the problem. .The analysis paper clarifies about possible solution for the root cause taking into the fusion concept into consideration and how it can
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Patten could have helped Mazey answer the client’s questions but Mazey’s ranting prevented him from even speaking. Mazey grabbed a calculator from his desktop and shattered it against the wall, just above Pattern's head.

Not Standing on your own words and Acknowledging work
Mazey was not only short tempered but also was not keeping his own words. He asked Patten to turn in an assignment by next day and he was asked to report by 8 am for the meeting. Chip not only turned after 8 am, when asked about the meeting he said it was changed. Patten asked another associate who was staffed on the deal about the meeting, and found out that no such meeting was ever planned. In this incident it shows Mazeys character he lied to his subordinates and also he did not acknowledge good work whole heartedly. Mazey occasionally used to praise employees for a good work but within five minutes he will point mistakes in same work.
Not Trusting Employees and Making Fun
Another criteria what Frazer heard about Chip that he doesn’t faith employees work. He always gives same work to all employees and compares the results to see the accuracy of the information. He also makes fun of fellow employee’s status in public gathering.
Magnifying lens focus on Employees Work
Chip’s another bad management skill is to analyze on what employees are doing every minute. He used to check the status of work from employees irrespective of time and also he literally


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