Arctic Mining Consultants -Team Paper

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Arctic Mining Consultants -Team Paper

C. Arias, Q. Couthen, J. Edwards, M. Edwards, B. Hollins, C. Johnson and M. McNeil

Webster University

MGMT 5590- Organizational Behavior

Mr. Vince Stovall

February 3, 2010


The purpose of this paper is to display the team efforts of using the six-step approach to problem solving. The members of the team have reviewed a case study on Arctic Mining Consultant’s which describes a project manager’s dilemma to complete a project, but he runs into many obstacles trying to do so. The methodology of the team is to use various research literature to support the findings of poor management and leadership skills, lack of motivation and inadequate planning. In this environment,
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Showing employees the bigger picture will allow them to grasp the concept of what is expected of them. Negotiating so that organization is getting the better product from its suppliers. Selling a employee must present the best sale skills they can in order to advance to the next level as well produce good labor for the organization. Communication is the key to success in every organization. Some leaders don’t know how to relate to their employees as well have general conversation. Collaborating can help deliver higher value with the help of other and make the work load easier. Spotting Talent many employees have better qualities in certain areas over others. There is also a need to hire those that you can see talent in during conversation in the interview process. The last but not least is achieving focus in the organization will allow the employees to see the production of good labor and appreciate it more. These things will allow management to build a great team of employees that will lead to great leaders one day an help motivate the company in many ways.

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3. This article is about helping managers understand where leading stops and managing begins. These roles can be multifaceted but they are very different requiring different responsibilities and demanding


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