Research on Cyber Bullying

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Maria Castro
May 30, 2010
Research Paper

Cyber Bullying Within Teenagers

Bullying has changed in many different ways over time. Just how everything around us becomes more technical and easier to use, in some way so has bullying. Technology has changed bullying because it has only made it easier and more available to cyber bullies. Cyber bullying is a new trend that has evolved in the United States over the past few years. Cyber bullying is wrong and dangerous, it has caused various deaths and all types of negativity inside people’s lives. No one should practice bullying in the first place but thanks to the internet it occurs every second and it can happen to anyone. Cyber bullying has become very popular especially to
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The bill also comes with civil penalties, such as suspension from school, or complete removal from the school environment” (Thompson, N.Y. lawmakers introduce cyber-bullying law). People have to become aware that cyber bullying is a crime and that there are consequences. You can end up in jail, be expelled from school, and even asked to stay away from school environments. Cyber bullying may start as a joke but it can end up as a serious problem. There are many ways parents can prevent their children from being victims to cyber bullying and from practicing cyber bullying to others. Parents can teach their children that when they receive rude or cruel images or messages to not pass them around. They have to train their children to delete suspicious emails messages and not even open them. Parents should talk to their children about telling them when there is cyber bullying going on because parents can help their kids deal with the situation at hand. Parents should supervise their child’s online time and how many time are they spending on the computer throughout the week. Parents should never have the computer in a child’s room but in more of a public place such as the living room. Parents should also teach their students about never sharing their password with friends or other people because that is how people can hack into their information and use it against them. Parents should also pay attention if


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