Summary of the Universe in a Nutshell

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Chapter 1:

Brief Description: This chapter chronicles the works of Albert Einstein, predominantly his dual theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity. Special Relativity involves time, which was established as subjective and relative to the object in question. He also worked to establish the consistency of the speed of light as a daunting measure which cannot be surpassed (E=MC2). His General Theory of Relativity pushed forth the idea that space and time were not independent, but rather connected in some fabric which is curved

Link to the Course: The equation E=MC2 is looked at within the final unit of study for our physics course. In addition, this chapter looks heavily at the contradiction between the works of Einstein
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Thanks huge black holes at the center of the Milky Way! By the way, is the p-brane theory still viable in relation to black holes?

Red Dwarf Link: Wormholes, which are discussed in this chapter, play a significant role in the plot development of episode 604: Rimmerworld. One of the crew members enters one and experiences time dilation, contributing to one of the series most hilarious episodes.

Chapter 5:

Brief Summary: This chapter looks solely at the possibility of space travel and how one would go about travelling in time. Causality is briefly discussed, but the main focus of the chapter is cosmic strings and the warping of spacetime in such a fashion that time travel would be possible. Unfortunately, it appears that the laws of physics do not like the idea of time tampering. It seems that on a macroscopic scale, being able to return to a previous moment is highly unlikely. We’re all terribly sorry Mr. Thorne.

Link to the Course: We discussed time travel one day in the month of September if I recall correctly. But in addition to this, I believe the Gödel theorem is highly applicable in its implications. With it, it helps us understand that no one system which we try to work through can ever produce all the results which we could hope for (which will certainly be infinite in the science world). I am talking primarily of math. Not so tough anymore, eh?

Questions and Concerns: This was by far the most


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