To What Extent Are Ethical Theories Helpful When Considering Ethical Business Practice?

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To what extent are ethical theories helpful when considering ethical business practice?

Generally, the term business ethics consists of ensuring businesses, whether they are in the private or in the public sector, adhere to ethical guidelines. Not all businesses are the same although have similar objectives which result in business ethics being diverse. These ethics do not only just relate to how businesses relate to the world, but moreover with the relationship between them and their customers. In order for a business to become a good business, they must be ethical, however there are several aspects to consider. There are many global businesses in which ethics are not seen to be important as their main goal is to ensure profit is
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In Deuteronomy is talks about giving the full amount of fair payment. Also the concept of stewardship which is the sense of responsibility without the idea of domination which shows that everyone is equal in what ever position they are in, in the work force, but there is always that place of responsibility. The Parable if the talents shows that humanity may be judged according to how we have taken responsibility for the things that God has left in our care. In Genesis, there is an emphasis on protecting God’s creation. The responsibility would include animals, as well a plants and non-breathing parts of the environment. Christians believe they are the pinnacle of God’s creation, with the ability to reason and to be moral. The prophets, especially Amos, spoke about the unfair treatment of the poor by the rich. People are told to treat others the way they would like to be treated.
In the New Testament, Jesus was concerned with not gathering wealth for the sake of it, and sharing with those in need. Jesus brings in the kingdom of God where the poor are blessed and the rich find it hard to get in (camel through the eye of the needle). The idea of the common good of solidarity is a basic value in the catholic social teaching and has led the catholic church to criticise both communism and free market capitalism which acts against the poor and leads to the selfish pursuit


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