Pain Concept Analysis

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Pain Concept Analysis
Audrey Hubler
Chamberlain college of Nursing
NR501: Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice

Conceptual analysis is integral in understanding nursing theory. According to Walker and Avant (1995), concept analysis allows nursing scholars to examine the attributes or characteristics of a concept. It can be used to evaluate a nursing theory and allows for examination of concepts for relevance and fit within the theory. The phenomena of pain will be discussed in this paper and how it relates to the comfort theory.
This paper will define the term pain and how it pertains to the comfort theory. Next, there will be discussion from relevant literature in regards to pain. Its defining attributes will be
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The sensory characteristics of pain include the stimulus intensity, location, source, and quality which is linked to nociception (Navratilova & Porreca, 2014). Nociception is the processing of pain from the initial injury and the transmission of electrical nerve impulses to the spinal cord and brain, then to conscious awareness of pain and alteration of pain signals. There are three stages of pain, and they are defined as transduction, transmission, perception and modulation (Briggs, 2010). Transduction is the conversion of the painful stimulus to an electrical signal in the nerve cells. During transmission the electrical signal is transmitted into the nerve fibers and the third phase is perception and is the awareness of the painful stimuli. This can be influenced by emotion and previous experiences with pain (Briggs, 2010).

Defining Attributes
Attributes identify characteristics of a concept. As stated earlier, pain can be categorized as acute or chronic. The following attributes pertain to both categories. The first attribute that will be discussed is that it is an unpleasant, unwanted, dominating, and uncomfortable experience. Once experienced, it cause anxiety related to similar procedures. It is also a neurophysiological, psychological or socio-cultural response to a noxious stimulation. Understanding those psychological factors are important in understanding the factors that may show differences in


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