Milpds Analysis Essay

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The Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS)

The Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) The Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) is the Human Resource (HR) system that comprises each active duty Air Force, Guard and Reserve member’s personnel record as well as retirees. MilPDS is an Air Force wide military system constituting one of the world's largest Oracle HR implementations, comprising over 100 military subsystems. MilPDS is used to process pay transactions, track accountability and strength data, update promotions, assignments, reenlistments and extensions (Gildea, 2013). This paper will cover the characteristics of the users of MilPDS, features and usage of MilPDS, and the impact MilPDS has on Air Force personnel.
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Once the member logs into virtual MPF to view their record they will have a record review Report of Individual Person (rip) that displays all the information that the Personnelist updated to load their assignment. Assignments are a perk for service members that want to travel and see the world. Training is updated in MilPDS by clicking on career enhancements from the main menu and then select training from the subcategory. Once the training screen is displayed the user will have to populate the pertinent information into the fields. The user will have to input the members social security number, the class start date, the class completion date, the course title, course number, and the quota type. The quota type identifies the training as either unit funded meaning the members assigned unit has to pay for the training or Air Force funded which means the Air Force funds the training. Once all the required fields are updated the user hits submit and the training is updated in MilPDS. The purpose of the information being updated is to load training properly and to have a successful update in MilPDS. Within 24 hours the member will get an email notifying them of training and the training rip will be attached. Training is necessary for service members to stay current and to progress throughout their career.
Reenlistments and extensions are updated in MilPDS as well. From the main menu in