Implementing lean six sigma for process improvement

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Lean Six Sigma approach is recognized widely and has been implemented predominately in manufacturing rather than other industries. To illustrate the point, this paper draws attention to the adoption of Lean Six Sigma in various industries with a case study. The combination of Lean tools and Six Sigma methodology is used to improve the process and quality by eliminating the variations and creating workflow in a process. The hypothesis of this study was that the Six Sigma technique can be used along with lean tools in order to improve process and quality in any area of industries. The review of case study discovered the use of
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The phases involve in this methodology are:
Define the projects, the goals, and the deliverables to customers (internal and external).
Measure the current performance of the process.
Analyze and determine the root cause(s) of the defects.
Improve the process to eliminate defects.
Control the performance of the process.

3.3 Integrating Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma is an approach focused on improving quality, reducing variation and eliminating waste in an organization which combining two improvement programs, Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise (Furterer, 2011). Lean and Six Sigma improvement initiatives start with understanding the current state, then setting up targets for achievement and create the future state of all activities. Six Sigma quality improvement projects use a strong framework DMAIC and integrate with lean tools like value stream mapping, kanban, single piece flow to reach the goal of process improvement. These techniques and strategies helped organization to improve their operations. The obstacles in achieving these improvements can be addressed by KAIZEN events. This will help the companies in organizing the different work flows, business units, and resources. The detailed steps and most frequently used tools applied within each phase of the DMAIC problem solving approach is shown in Table 3.1 (Gitlow, 2005) (Pyzdek,


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