The History and Structure of the Travel and Tourism Sector

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Hnd Travel and Tourism
The history and structure of the travel and tourism sector
Assignment 1
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Task one:- LO1 - Explain the key historical developments in the travel and tourism sector. You should provide a concise outline of key developments from the pilgrimages to the current day and conclude with future developments. You need to refer to the growth of the package holiday as a key development and explain its current position within the sector.
With use of industry examples explain the structure of the travel and tourism sector including the concepts of chain of distribution and the roles of the sectors: government organisations,
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Gradually women in the workplace became common-place, leading to two wage- earner families. Due to woman looking on careers as an important part of their life, couples began having less children leading to more disposable income.
The development of the package holiday market began back in the 1850’s . Thomas Cook a 32-year old cabinet-maker from Leicester began offering tours of Scotland at a much more affordable rate. His motivation was the belief that Victorian social problems were related to alcohol and people’s lives could be greatly enhanced if they replaced alcohol with education. Cook expanded and organised trips throughout the UK. He gave the travellers a booklet of information, a forerunner for the modern day holiday brochure produced by Tour Operators. The success of these led to Cook opening up opportunities for middles classes to travel to various parts of the world by the 1870’s . The success of Thomas Cook has continued to the present day and they represent an excellent example of how vertical and horizontal integration benefit a growing company.

Horizontal Integration occurs when an organisation buys another company on the same level in the chain of distribution. Vertical integration is when an organisation buys a company at a different level on the chain of distribution. Diagram illustrated below:-



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