Sony Ericsson Swot Analysis

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Sony Ericsson SWOT Analysis Strength
Diversity among products.
Sony as a brand name.

Lack in understanding Customer Preferences
Less technology advancement
Lack of user centered designs.
Lack of Brand awareness globally

Mobile phones market in developing
High % of young market
Strong Customer demand for innovative product
High Disposable income in emerging markets.
Network capabilities and low tariff of service providers.

Landline penetration and introduction of Sky phones for rural areas.
Intense competition.
Bargaining power of consumers.

The Marketing Mix and Product Strategy
Key marketing strategies which are identified:-
The products should be stylish and in with the
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For instance, a customer will be entitled to a certain number of credits which may be used in purchasing a Sony Ericsson mobile phone when he purchases a television.
Any new product launched by Future tech should be talk of the town. The launch should be carried out with press meet and backed up with huge media campaign.

Pricing Policies:
Future Tech retail price will be issued to the distributors for strict implementation. Strict monitoring will be implemented to ensure that retailers would not dilute the brand by selling it at a lower price

The Marketing Mix and Product Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Existing Distribution system

Sony Ericsson’s current distribution system consists of one national supplier who acts as exclusive distributor agent to the Nepal. This supplier distributes to:
a. 3 Concept Stores which are Future tech own store and display ONLY Sony phones. b. Over 150 Authorized dealers which are multi-brand stores

The problem of ‘Grey market' is huge due to a VAT to be paid to government

Channels Members: Proposed Distribution System In order to increase sales volume and market share, the following alternate distribution model is proposed:

Traditional Distribution Channels
Distributor – Retailer / Distributor – Consumer We will retain the conventional distribution process whereby it utilizes a


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