Thesis Essay for the Laramie Project

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In Moises Kaufman's, The Laramie Project the under lying theme of the novel is people are afraid of change. This can be proved from the novel with the character Cathy Connolly and the struggle that homosexuals have to live in there own society. The juxtaposition of anti-gay demonstrations sparked by religion at a homosexual's funeral, and even the physical setting is related to why people are afraid of change. Whether it is start by homophobia, religion, or opression, people are not just afraid of change in general but change for a free society where homosexuals can express and just be themselves.

In The Laramie Project, a character name Cathy Connolly claims that gay the people in Laramie feel the oppression from society, and are
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Laramie is a relatively small town in Wyoming that still shows alot of traditions. The town even “[looks] like a turn-of-the-century western town”(Kaufman 14) in “cowboy country”(Kaufman ). From this you can relate to why people are afraid of change because as seeing that cowboys from the old western era were raised to be manly men with no emotions and growing up with that mentality would give an adolescent the image that being a homosexual was a terrible thing. During the time just being a homosexual was horribly wrong, and to be different literally meant to be comdemed to a terrible life of hardship. In society it was socially acceptable to shun or even hurt someone because they are gay. And at this time period the Catholic religion was going strong in the Southern United States, it was mainly apart of every household in Laramie. Laramie“[the] cowboy state has its rednecks and yahoos for sure... [but] in Wyoming there are fewer places to blend in if you're anything other than prairie stock.” (Kaufman 46) There are prejudice people everywhere, but such a small town as Laramie where basically everybody knows almost everybody. Laramie clearly has a alot of people who are afriad of change, being a cowboy state makes it hard for homosexuals to express themselves freely within there own community. Gay people would inturn hide their identity as a homosexual because they would feel opressed by others in the community. Just where