The Meaning of Sports

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In today's era of modernisation, 'sports' have become a popular topic of discussion around the globe especially among youngsters. The government, society and even NGO's are implementing many new ways to cultivate sports for all. They have always been trying to improve the sports in their country. This is especially to bring up the name of the nation in international events such as the Olympics, World Cups and so on. Sports is an important ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. The question that arises in our minds now is, why is it very important for us to be active and fit and get involved in sports? Why is sports is needed by all group of individuals? In order to understand this, we must first know what does 'Sports' actually mean. …show more content…

Those who participated were mostly competing in Alpine and Cross-Country Skiing in Sweden. In 1992, the four-year cycle was modified so that the Winter and Summer Paralympics Games will coincide with the Olympics. By This we can conclude how important sports is for all and why everyone have to take the effort and have the spirit to take part in any sports that they are able to because many has made a great deal of thinking for the betterment of the sports for the society. Thus, it is up to the society to improve and make Sports something very important in our daily life.

In a different point of view, many detailed research has been carried out which proven the importance of exercising, especially for kids. Based on many statistics and group research and interviews with children experts concluded that, “Involving oneself in sports is an important factor for the growth and development of most children. Based on statistics, there are about 20 million in America and in Europe where the children from the age of 6 who participates in school sports activities, and about 25 million youth loves getting involved in rather challenging type of sports. 30 to 45 million kids, ages 6 and above participate in at least one school organised athletic program. This is mainly because of their culture and parents who always gives them full


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