The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper

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Assignment The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper Jolynn Rose XACC/210 April 20, 2013 Jerry Eskew

The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper

By using different type of project management tools you can determined which tools and requirement that will be needed for the project. Project management has many tools available to help with managing projects. The two that are talked about in the chapter are these; Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Gantt charts, they help managers schedule and monitor the activities involved in large projects, such as implementation of a large-scale
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By monitoring the new system and making sure that it continues to satisfy the three levels of organizational goals: (1) general systems goals, (2) top management systems goals, and (3) operating management systems goals. When these goals are not adequately satisfied, problems normally occur and the system requires further modifications. After the new system has been in operation for a period of time, the implementation team should reevaluate the new system’s effectiveness by: * Talking with top management personnel and operating management personnel about their satisfaction with the new system. * Talking with end users to determine their satisfaction. * Evaluating the control procedures of the system to verify whether they are functioning properly. * Observing employee work performance to determine whether they are able to perform their job functions efficiently and effectively. * Evaluating whether computer processing functions, including data capture and preparation, are performed efficiently and effectively. * Determining whether output schedules for both internal and external reports are met with the new computer system. After these steps have been complete the team turns over control of the system to the company’s IT function, which now shoulders the responsibility for maintaining it. In effect, system maintenance continues the tasks created by the initial follow-up study, except that experts from the company’s


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