Big Fish Hero's Journey

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STEP 1. The Call to Adventure
Edward Blooms experiences the Call to Adventure when he is eighteen years old. He is the small town hero of Ashton; excelling in sports and academics. When a giant begins terrorizing the town, Edward volunteers to talk to him. During their conversation, Edward convinces the giant that they are both “too big” for the town of Ashton. The pair agree to travel to “the big city” in order for them to be in a place that better suits their ambitions. This moment changes Edward’s life forever because it is when he travels outside of Ashton that he begins his new life.
STEP 2. Refusal of the Call
Although Edward does not refuse the call, there is a point where the option is presented to him. While
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Unfortunately, she is engaged to another man. Discouraged but not defeated, Edward works hard to make Sandra fall in love with him. He has a sky writer send her messages and he stands in a field of her favorite flowers; daffodils. When Sandra’s fiancée finds out about Edward, he comes looking for him. The fiancée beats Edward almost to death, but Edward does not fight back because he had promised Sandra he wouldn’t. This wins Sandra over and Edward gets the goddess of his dreams.
STEP 3. Woman as the Temptress
Edward meets his Temptress when he returns to Specter. When he returns, he finds that the town is in shambles. The buildings are falling apart and the people were bankrupt. When Specter goes up for auction, Edward buys it for $50,000. He bought the farms, houses, and stores. He didn’t make the people leave nor pay rent so that the town would never die. The only person that wouldn’t sell them their house was woman named Jenny. Jenny, it turns out, was a girl who Edward had promised he’d come back to the first time he was in Specter. Edward would not accept Jenny’s refusal, so he remodeled her home for her in order to make her reconsider. After spending so much time together, Jenny develops feelings for Edward. When Jenny attempts to reach out to Edward, he hesitates between reciprocating and backing away. In the end, he denies Jenny stating that he is in love with his wife and his wife only. Edward meets the