Banczero Case Essay

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Innovation Strategy (AEM 437)

Prof. Aija Leiponen

Applied Economics and Management

This course for juniors and seniors explores firm strategies related to innovation and technological change. We focus on how the success of technological innovations—new products, processes, and services—depends on the firm’s business model. Other key topics include intellectual property rights and the management of technological uncertainty through organizational arrangements such as corporate venturing, spinoffs, and alliances.

Technological change is a fundamental driver of economic development and performance, not only at the level of firms and industries but also economies. Innovation is the organizational process through which new
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HBS case 9-803-096. TEAM 1 leads discussion.

• Project guidelines; getting started


7. Types of innovation and the industry life cycle (Feb 14)

• Schilling Ch 3

8. University technology licensing and startup firms (Feb 19)

• Guest speaker: Dr. Alan Paau, Vice Provost Vice Provost for Technology Transfer & Economic Development, Cornell University; Executive Director, Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise and Commercialization (CCTEC); President, Cornell Research Foundation, Inc. See

9. Innovation cycles and technological discontinuities (Feb 21)

• Schilling Ch 4

• Case 3: Kodak (A), HBS case 9-703-503 (course packet; writeup). TEAM 2.

10. Early stage financing options (Feb 26)

• Guest speaker: Cliff Lardin, Cornell Entrepreneur in Residence and Partner, Cayuga Venture Fund (see

11. First mover advantages: (when) do they exist? (Feb 28)

• Schilling Ch 5: Timing of Entry

• Case 4: BancZero New Product Development, HBS case 9-697-044 (coursepack; writeup). TEAM 3


12. The Closed Innovation Paradigm: Innovation System in Flux (March 4)

• Chesbrough Ch 2: The Closed Innovation Paradigm

• Assignment 2: Technological life cycles (assess life cycles in