Baldwin Water Works

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Introduction page 3
Objectives, Scope of Work, Budget page 3
Diagram 1. Work Breakdown Structure page 6
Life Cycle, Time Plan page 7
Risks Identification and Responses page 9
Monitor and Control page 10
Key Achievements and Conclusions page 11
References page 13

In 1996 the city of Cleveland began a $750 million Plant Enhancement Program. The program’s goal was to renovate and modernize the city’s four water treatment facilities, which are among the 10 largest in the US, and were built in 1856; over 500 million gallons of water are pumped to Cleveland residents daily. In the following paper I attempt to provide with an overview of the Baldwin
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2013) involved in the case of the administration building intricate structures disturbance, fluctuations in prices of essential material and equipment (Kezner 2013, pg. 751). The total PEP’s budget resulting after the identification of the two budget types is $33 million.
Life Cycle, Time Plan
In addition to WBS and in order to estimate the time plan for the PEP’s completion, PMC must define the programs life cycle. The most commonly type of life-cycle program used for construction projects is the sequential one or waterfall program life-cycle; this is the one that PMC will be using for this specific case. According to waterfall life-cycle the following program phases are defined:

Diagram 2. Baldwin Water Works Program Life-Cycle (Hallows 2005, pg. 84)
To better estimate the project’s time of completion or schedule, PMC needs to elaborate on the identified phases.
During Phase 1, the PMC carries out a feasibility study; at this phase the program’s goals and objectives, technical aspects, challenges, cost estimates and development schedule are defined. At this stage and because of the project’s public nature, the commitment and participation of local, state and federal authorities are of a high importance (Shiferaw and Klakegg 2012, pg. 21). The City of Cleveland Water Division provides the PMC with the general guidelines, but it has to participate in the development of the feasibility study in


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