The New World: Movie Review

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The New World

Daniel Patrick
The New World is a 2006 historical drama set in the early 1600’s, as settlers come from Britain to begin exploring and colonizing the American continents. Written and directed by American director and writer, Terrence Malick, The New World depicts the foundation of Jamestown, the story of John Smith, and their relationships with Pocahontas. The film stars Collin Farrell as John Smith, Q'orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas, Christopher Plummer as Captain Newport, and Christian Bale as John Rolfe. Produced by Sarah Green, the film received strong positive reviews for its cinematography, score, and young 15 year old Q'orianka Kilcher’s performance as Pocahontas. (Boehm 1-5) The movie opens up to
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He was a map maker and an explorer, not a governor. It is true that he was the lead cause to the survival of Jamestown by establishing jobs for the settlers and order in the colony as the movie shows, but he had no intentions of staying, especially not for Pocahontas. In fact, historian Catherine Cooper mentions “Smith was an art explorer and a cartographer, and his map, "Virginia," was the foremost map of the region for 60 years” (Cooper). Cooper mentions that John Smith was determined to leave Jamestown in 1608, a year after he landed, to look for the Northwest Passage to the western ocean and on to India.
The most accurate portrayals in the film are that of the Powhatan Indians, the locations, the clothes, and characteristics and cultures of the early 1600’s. The Indians were played so well and looked so natural that it was hard to imagine they drive home from set in nice cars and suites. As seen in the movie, and described by Frederic Gleach, “the Powhatans understood the universe to be a dynamic system of relationships, always with the potential for radical change”(Gleach). They were extremely spiritual and it was almost moving to watch them act and react to the settlers and John Smith in the movie. Also, the culture and locations were accurately depicted as well. Jamestown was swampy as we know, and the fort that was built portrayed accurate drawings of the town. The clothing, weapons, ships, and homes all seemed to accurately


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