The Inside Job - Review

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Rohan Rambhia | PGP-10-155

Inside Job is an exemplary recount of how administrator’s role when exploited to form risky administrative strategies by means of faulty processes lead to a crisis of the stature of the recession of 2008. It is a comprehensive documentary which narrates the history of the collapse, not only going into great, informative depth about the risk-based strategies that put the global economy on the line, but looks back to the rise of the financial industry. The biggest question which the documentary arouses is that knowing what happened, why are the miscreants not being punished? As the director, Charles Ferguson, himself stated while receiving the Oscar, “Forgive me, I must
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The very same Wall Street execs-turnedgovernment administrators responsible are multiple financial crises still hold administrative positions in the Government.

20XX No one knows when the next financial tnsunami will hit and more importantly how badly?

Aministrative Process: Aministrative Unregulated Strategy: Laid the foundation Derivatives' of deregulation. Industry Result: Multiple Result: “Junk financial crises deals” leading to the Dot-com over the bubble burst. decades.


Once the Wall Street executives got a foothold in the government, they started making and breaking the rules. These policies were bound to help them in making millions sometime in future due to the prevalence of the ‘revolving door’, whereby financial regulators could be hired within the financial sector upon leaving government. Also, many of the former Wall Street execs took up posts in Academia along with working as consultants. Thus the financial sector looked as following:

Inside Job breaks down the complexities that led to the rise of an out of control industry and the financial meltdown of 2008, plunging the world into crisis at a cost of $20 trillion and along with it millions of people’s jobs, homes, and dignity. Let’s look at how (roles and strategy) under the banner of


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