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I In the following examples, identify the features that belong to non-standard dialects of English. Then rewrite them in standard English trying to keep the meaning as close as possible to the initial utterance. 1. I ain't saying nobody nothing. 2. It ain't what you do, it's the way how you do it. 3. It would have ended in tragedy, if it hadn't have been for the courage of the victim. 4. Me and her sister were caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. 5. Anyone wants this stuff can have it. 6. She don't pay the rent regular. 7. This is between you and I. 8. Both colloquiums are on Friday. 9. You use a different sort of English in the Times than in a gossip with your best friend. 10. Who's gonna drive you …show more content…

2. ____________ further modify verbs telling us when, where or why something happened.
3. Dynamic, finite, modal, transitive are used to describe ___________.
4. _________ substitute nouns and may be indefinite, personal, proper, possessive, universal, relative, reflexive.
5. Collective, mass, proper, countable, nominative are terms used to describe ____________.
6. Articles a/an and the are also known as primary ___________.
7. Attributive, predicative, superlative, classifying all refer to _______________.
8. Words that connect two units of a sentence together to show relationship often carrying the meaning connected to the place or time are _____________.
9. Ordinal, cardinal, approximatives, decimals, fractions are all classes of ___________.
10. A short exclamation sometimes inserted into a sentence such as Ouch! oh! or well! is known as ______________
VI Identify parts of speech in the following text / sentences:
The bridge
Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge. The bridge was being repaired: she went right through the Danger sign. The car fell a hundred feet into the ravine, smashing through the treetops feathery with new leaves, then burst into flames and rolled down into the shallow creek at the bottom. Chunks of the bridge fell on top of it. Nothing much was left of her but charred smithereens. Taken from: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
1. Having lost his parents and feeling afraid of spending


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