Kahaani and Mumbai Diaries Film Review

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Dhobighat and Kahaani Film reviews
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Film reviews
The Indian film industry has never been popular for its art films. Art films in Indian cinemas usually try to portray a particular aspect of the Indian culture and norm. These movies avoid all the glitz and glamour normally found in Indian movies. No glitz or glamour usually restricts these movies to a low budget nor are these movies able to attract a large number of audience to the cinema. Directors that usually make such movies try to get a point across to the audience using the cinema screen to portray their view of a particular issue within the community. Dhobighat
The movie starts off showing Arun (Amir Khan)
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The narration of Yasmin’s experiences gives Dhobighat the shape of a love letter written to the city of Mumbai. The movie uses various situations to provide a comparison of the physical and mental differences amongst the various sects of individuals living in Mumbai. An example is a scene from the movie in which Shai wants to conduct Munna’s photo shoot outside the studio. However Munna being a native of Mumbai does not find the sights and sceneries of Mumbai as fascinating as Shai does (Gurbaxani, 2011).
Normally Bollywood films are very expensive and can cost up to $20 million (The Economist, 2000). Up until the 1990s the sets, costumes and special effects used were mediocre in quality. The popularity of Hollywood movies in India forced the directors and producers to improve the quality of their movies (The Economist, 2000). However Dhobighat cost a mere $1.8 million a fact that astonished and amazed majority of Indian and international film critics (Pillai, 2010).
Indian filmmakers find that shooting in foreign countries draws the public to the cinema. Various foreign locations have been used in the past to make the movie more appealing to the masses. Either film makers choose foreign locations to get away from the crowd or they argue that it is the need of the script that makes them choose those foreign locations. Incentives given to the indian film industry by the government also attracts various film makers towards the idea of