Critical Analysis of Blind Side Movie

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The Blind Side: Making All the Right Calls When asked to think of an inspirational drama in recent years, one movie comes to mind projecting lives of people that follow their dreams from a under privileged lifestyle to a well known role model. An inspiring movie has to give the audience that unique sense where they themselves have a different outlook on life. That outlook hits them right in the heart where some people leave the movie theaters with tears of joy in their eyes. In John Hancock’s “The Blind Side”, many young football players can relate to the lifestyle young Michael Oher once had. The Blind Side is truly a remarkable story shown through a movie with young Michael given a chance for success, a hard journey that experiences …show more content…

Through his new family, Michael faced and fixed his complication with his grades like many children have in life and produced a GPA that made him eligible to play college football. His last complication made him experience himself as a stronger person after he gets in a fight with his old neighborhood friends. He realizes that there is a better world out there and that he wanted to be apart of it. Michaels refers to himself as the past is gone and now the world is a better place.
The Blind Side has inspiring morals that can relate oneself to young Michael Oher. When viewing this inspirational drama, the ending result leaves you with a motivation and self confidence to change your own life. The morals of the movie are based upon the cliché “Rags to Riches”. Michael was a young child who grew up in poverty. His change from poverty to wealth is what keeps the audience engaged. As you view the film, you receive a heart-felt feeling as he begins to change his life around and succeed. Overall, it gives the under privileged community hope that they can rise to success also. As Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times states “The Blind Side is an old-style story that is high on hope, low on cynicism and long on heart.” Michael fulfilled all his life long dreams after meeting the Tuohys. For many young people, if Michael can do it, then you can too. It all depends on what is inside your heart. An inspirational drama


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