The Social Network Essay

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The Dramatic Interpretation of the Social Network Myth After watching the movie The Social Network, the first thing I did was to search for Mark Zuckerberg’s real life experiences to see which parts are facts and which are fictions. As a matter of fact, this Harvard genius that founded the world’s first social network was not as childish as the movie portrayed. At least he didn’t write programming for getting into elite Harvard “Final Clubs” or for retaliating his girlfriend. During Mark’s high school, Microsoft and AOL tried to purchase the music player that he built and also invited him to join them. However, Mark decided to enroll in Harvard for further education. From where I stand, although the movie is fictional, it can easily …show more content…

It’s difficult to judge the merits of the various roles in the film. Of course Mark Zuckerberg has done some shameful things and the reasons could be found in business rules. Mark has also tried to retrieve his relationship with his friend Saverin but paid the price for his betrayal eventually. Mark Zuckerberg is just a person who has been running so fast that no one can catch up with him. As a result, the ending was designed to be lonely. On the one hand, the story that a genius changes the dating pattern of human but cannot get real friends in his own life itself is a sharp satire. But on the other hand, thanks to his success, we got Facebook as a gift and The Social Network as well so that thousands of young Marks can maintain their motivations and desires for their future dreams. “In a sense, this is a movie about an inventor and how he invented something with a half a billion users worldwide. Yet there is irreverence and a distance in the relation of this saga that you could never imagine in a movie about Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or the Wright brothers.” (LaSalle) As a need of film narrative, the fabrication is successful and a smart man knows clearly that it’s just a fiction. David Fincher made more efforts to show but not to judge because the revolution is still on. Zuckerberg has become a billionaire and his own


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