Remember the Titans: Movie Review

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Remember the Titans
Movie Review

The arrival of African slaves, sold in the plantations of colonial America, definitely triggered a superior-inferior relationship and mentality between “the whites” and “the blacks”. This present-day culture, resulting from a society of masters and slaves, has struggled against central concepts deeply rooted in the nations past .With strong cultural values on racial discrimination, the path towards the concept of racism in America was a vital moment in the course of the nation’s history. Social concepts and attitudes could not be altered overnight, but it can be altered. Indeed, in the quest for social progress, the struggle for equality has gone a long way, with black Americans now holding high-ranking
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While looking at the players, Coach Boone says "Fifty thousand men died right here on this field... fighting the same fight that we’re still fighting among ourselves". When they got back to the camp, during a training session, the two captains shout the chant, "left side" "strong side" to each other. This shows a new understanding and respect towards each other. They impact the rest of the team, which then come together as well. Gettysburg is the turning point in the film, where the players overcome their racism.
Another important and meaningful scene is one of the locker room scenes. The scene starts off with everyone laughing with one another while making “Mama Jokes”. Then, the radio is turned on and the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye comes on. The title of the song alone gives great symbolism, showing that racism can be conquered. Slowly but surely, the tension between the players (and eventually the community) diminished.
The scene where a few of the players call a team meeting in the gym is another relevant scene. The players get a sense that they’re good because they won a few games. They came together in camp, but they returned back to school and the “world” told them that they didn’t belong together. In that gymnasium they come together in singing, clapping, and a huddle to conclude the scene.
The story of "Remember the Titans" is not about football. It is


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